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hi i'm alicia and i was hoping someone could give me some advice

yeah ,i have a ex boyfriend truble and well i thought this might be a good place to go with it. so anyways my problem, well about a year ago me and my bf broke up and we stayed close ever since, and when i say close i mean we still chill and love eachother very much and fool around alot and just it's like we are dating only not. and he has all my friends on his buddy list and well latly he has started talking to my friend tasha and they hit it off really well, but im bi and tasha was the girl i had a crush on and i have wanted to date her for a while but she had a bf so i had to settle for best friend but now her and her bf broke up and she has a new bf but he'll be gone in 3 weeks b\c he has to go to collage. so it will leave it open for my ex(jon) and so i dont know what to do b\c im totally jelouse, here is the guy im inlove with and have been for a long time and will be for a long time to come wanting the girl i am inlove with!! and i want to be supportive and stuff for them b\c i love them both so much, but it feels like im being left behind. they are so wounderful together and it's just not fair! so i dont know what to do b\c i dont want to tell them they cant date b\c it will kill me, but i cant stand the thought of them together. so yeah if anyone has any ideas or anything note me back. thanks!

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