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Heart Break Hotel

Yeah yeah yeah another victim... My heart broken, sleepless night, wondering why? she left me and i had no clue it was coming. We were happy i just feel so down so depressed, i need sleep cuz i work and have other stuff to do But i cant cuz all i do is think of her. Its been only 3 days since the break up, they say it takes months and maybe even more... But i look back at the other break up with my other gfs i cant remember them hopefully in the long run i don't remember this one. im 26 and they say the older you get the harder they are to get over. What if im like 30 and i get a stroke? is love worth it, should i stop looking for a girl? should i just enjoy life with out a partner? comments are welcomed! Should i jump of a bridge? nah... Im sure theres hundreds of poon out there right guys? just have to find one that will love me back cuz i am 8 inches long jk im just trying to make this funny and not all depressing. Well back to whatever i was doing and write to me my communiters!
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